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Trying to get my life back on track and using this page to host my 3D Freelance operations.

Keeps me Sane by Stock7000

STAMP: Remilia Scarlet by mobbostamps STAMP: Cirno by mobbostamps STAMP: Flandre Scarlet by mobbostamps Mina Tepes Stamp by Tsuba-chama Love to KOS-MOS by IceVallejo

Stamp - Pink Floyd by Leviamicky CCR Stamp by Stripesandangelwings Fleetwood Mac by PalomitaStamps I Heart Touhou Music Stamp by CyclopsHime
**Specifics are subject to change. Please review each time you make an order**

Open for Commissions:
Currently Offering:

Character Render Package

Provide me with the proper concept art and I will turn your 2D character into a full-fledged 3D render. You tell me which poses you would like and how many different renders you want. I can either provide images of your character with a transparent backgrounds (So you can re-use it in anything you want later without having to crop it!) or composite it myself onto a background. By default an order will include 2 rendered poses, either on their own against a transparent background (in PNG or TIFF format), or together composited in front of an abstract background as seen in my galleries.

Render size will be set at 1920 x 1200 unless otherwise requested. (Large renders may require a price hike due to vast increase in render times)

Due to not wanting to reveal the “trade secrets” or my techniques, I am not currently planning on providing the actual model, only the end render-results.


  • The absolute minimum I will charge is 125 USD per character. More complex characters will take more time to do, and thus come at a greater cost. Contact me to see what kind of price we can work out. I will work on a flat-rate basis.

Time Estimates

It's tough to give out accurate time frames for an order. I will keep you updated as to my progress and provide screen shots etc. You can also check your order's rough status at the bottom of this journal.

Renders of Models “In Stock”

Did you commission me to model something for you in the past, and want some more renders of that model? Or perhaps it was a model I did in the past that you want to see more of. (So long as it's not someone elses OC) Just let me know and we can work it out. I'll charge a small amount per render pack. Price will vary depending on what you want. Remember, setting up a fancy render can take quite awhile!


  •   2 Posed Renders: (Either Transparent BGs or abstract composite) : 5 USD
  •    Advanced Render: 15+ USD depending on the amount of work involved.

Other Freelance Jobs

Do you have something you want to toss my way but I have not listed here? Send me a note and we can see if anything can be arranged.


What To Expect

My personal style of choice is well within the “anime” realm of things, leaning towards “cutesy”. Do not be surprised if the resulting model is a tad cuter than you originally envisioned, it's just part of my style. If you're expecting more realistic styled models you will likely be better off looking elsewhere.


Please be prepared to pay half up front. The remaining to be paid after the work is completed. Paypal is my preferred payment method.

   How To Order

Simply send me a note with as much information about your character as possible. Any references/concept art that you can dig up is also essential. I will review the character/concept art and decide if its looks like something i would like to take on. If I decide that it looks like something I would be interested in modeling we can start price negotiation.


In order to keep my online portfolio up-to-date, I plan on using some renders on my personal DeviantART page and other pages.

As for the commissioner, they may use the product in any non-commercial way they see fit. But please give me credit for making it if you make a public display of it (And preferably a link to my DA page). If you plan on using it commercially please let me know ahead of time and we can work out the details.

Concept Art

The better the concept art, the more accurate the model will be. While I can work from a single image, it leaves a lot of unknown territory that I will have to fill in myself. For instance, if you send me a few drawings of your character, all of the front, I will have to improvise on their back portion. Likewise, if your drawings lack a lot of details I may decide to fill some in myself. All the while staying within the character's theme. I will take a bit of artistic license with portions that are not entirely clear to me.

Q/A's :

“Wow, that's a lot of money! Why so much?”

Remember that I do everything by hand myself. I do not use bases made by other people/came bundled with programs such as Poser. My models are entirely posed/sculpted/modeled/textured by me. A high quality model takes me many man-hours to produce. They are not something I can whip out in an afternoon.

“How many “slots” are open?”

I only plan on taking on one order at a time, in order to maximize quality of my product and keep my overall work-load manageable. I will, however, have a 3-person Queue as well.

  • Please be 18 years or older
  • I currently only accept Paypal
  • Keep it clean, I won't accept pornographic or erotic work.
  • Keep gore and nudity at a minimum.
  • Female anime-styled characters only for now, sorry.


Active Slot:
Order: Character Render
Status: Starting Clothing

Slot Queue:



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lol Had to try that. 

Primantis 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lmao and here I thought ti was some uber secret gaming code!
I found it in a Youtube comment. I thought it was funny. lol 
LittleSisterBailey 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You have a crap-ton of watchers, but I know someone who has over 1,000,000 pageviews.
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